One thing that I’ve learned since planting a church is that in order to be a good local, you have to know where all the good local spots are. It’s hard to be a good local if you aren’t frequenting spots that locals hang out at. Luckily for me, being born and raised in Logan County, that’s not hard to do. I love small town life, I love small businesses, and my family loves to shop small. There are some real gems tucked away in the mountains and coalfields of Logan County!

Here are a few of my personal favorites that are locally owned Logan County businesses that I frequent often that I recommend you check out!

1. Hot Cup Coffee – Logan, WV

The Hot Cup has practically became my office since planting New Haven Church in Chapmanville. It’s a place I can go to relax, clear my mind, hang out, or meet new people. Logan and Chapmanville are only separated by about 12 minutes, so it’s an easy drive to make. I frequently go there to work on sermon prep, or to work on other things I need to get done. And, here’s something that’s cool that I love about Hot Cup as well. Not only does Hot Cup have great coffee, but they’re also a huge supporter of local small businesses. As soon as you walk through the doors, you’ll see art featured from local Logan County artists hanging all around the building, and it’s all for sale!

Oh, and I forgot to mention there’s an awesome Harry Potter shrine beneath the cupboard. Who needs a Starbucks when you have The Hot Cup? Seriously.

2. Stratton Street Book Store – Logan, WV

This place has a great selection of used books. Those are the kind I like. The old ones that have character. I’ve picked up several John Calvin commentaries here that have been a major help during my sermon prep, and a friend of mine scored a sweet old first edition Martin Luther biography. Yeah, I’m still mad that I somehow missed that one. But, that’s all the more reason to stop into this awesome spot more frequently.

3. Nu-Era Bakery – Logan, WV

Nu-Era was located in Chapmanville at one point, but it now resides in downtown Logan (I won’t hold that against them). This place has everything from freshly baked donuts, cakes, pastries, and the greatest of all West Virginia delicacies – that’s right, pepperoni rolls. You can also place orders online and stop in and pick them up, which makes things convenient.

4. The Coalfield Jamboree – Logan, WV

The Coalfield Jamboree is a historic old theatre in downtown Logan. It was built in Logan’s heyday when coal was king, and it’s been pretty well preserved over the years. When discerning the call to plant a church in Logan County, I was actually initially thinking about planting New Haven Church in the Jamboree. The Jamboree is an awesome venue that puts on great concerts and plays. We watched Night of The Living Dead there last Halloween, and it was great. There were zombies walking all around the theatre during the show. You’ll only find stuff like that at The Jamboree, and that’s why you need to check it out. Oh yeah, I almost forgot to mention that Laundau Eugene Murphy Jr is a regular there too!

5. Brian’s ManCave Barbershop – Chapmanville, WV

Brian, the owner of Brian’s ManCave, has been my friend and barber for a few years now. Brian’s shop has a pretty sweet old school vibe going on. He has a pool table you can shoot a few games on while you wait to get in the chair. He does great straight razor shaves, and the hot towels are a-m-a-z-i-n-g (Yes, I just did that).

Also, Brian is the only person on the face of the earth that I’ll let touch my beard. That’s because Brian has a glorious beard himself. You can’t care for my beard if you don’t have a beard yourself. That’s my motto, at least. That’s why I go to Brian. Oh yeah, he also sells some great Pirate Cove Beard Oil and Balms. You can’t find those anywhere else!

6. Surrey House – Chapmanville, WV

Surrey House is a real treat. They have great homemade old-fashioned southern food. I’m Baptist, so I really like the fried chicken (Surprise, I know). Also, they’re extremely hospitable. You won’t find another place like this in Chapmanville.

7. Allyson Townsend Photography – Chapmanville, WV

Now, some of you are probably shaking your heads on this one, because you know that this is my wife. I know, I know. But here’s the deal, she does great work! Look for yourself. She’s specializes in seniors, and families. If you have photography needs, come see us!

8. Hillbilly Fire Pit – Man, WV

Lastly, sitting at the mouth of Buffalo Creek in Man WV is the best pizza place in Logan County, in my opinion, bar none. Maybe the world. If I’m in Man, I make it a point to go to Hillbilly Fire Pit. Their bacon covered breadsticks are amazing.

I know there are lots of great small businesses that I’ve missed. Maybe some day I’ll do a bigger list. What are some of your favorite local businesses in Logan County?


6 thoughts on “8 Locally Owned Logan County Businesses You Should Visit

  1. Four Seasons Country Store
    Great owners and provide a lot of entertainment and great food for the city of Logan 😊


  2. I agree! Four Seasons Country Store is phenomenal! Best food around! Great fried chicken, and their Pulled pork BBQ sandwiches are out of this world! Four Seasons gives a generous serving and is very reasonable price-wise. They offer flowering plants of all types, Christmas trees, kayak rides on the Guyandotte River, and a lovely reception room for special events. Always something new going on at Four Seasons for us folks in Logan county.


  3. Wonderful to see this review of local businesses. I live in Largo,FL, but I grew up in Logan. I left there many years ago but the city has been my ideal all of my life. May God bless you and your church.


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