As a young church planter, I’ve been asked by others how to prepare for church planting. Now, there are a lot of things I could say, and a ton of resources I could recommend that have been helpful to me. But, instead of naming a list of books and other resources, I have narrowed down three things that I would recommend to young church planters who are wanting to prepare themselves. Keep in mind, I don’t have all the answers, but these are things that have been helpful in my own personal life.

Serve Where You’re At

Church planting is war. You can’t prepare for war without training. When a man wants to fight the enemy, they are trained in the art of war. Church planting presents very unique challenges, and you need to be prepared for them. This can’t happen if you’re not serving in a local church.

Prior to becoming a church planter, I served in ministry for half a decade in one church. This time prepared me for many of the problems that ministry presents. After serving in that church for half a decade, God can led my wife and I to our sending church, where I am undergoing a Church Planting Apprenticeship. This time prepared me for many of the unique problems that come along with church planting.

If you’re wanting to plant a church, you need to get trained. This can only come through submitting yourself to a local church. Plug in where you’re at, and serve long term.

Understand Your Calling

Are you planting just because you’re disenchanted with the local church you’re apart of? If so, this is not a good reason to plant a new church. Are you planting because you think all of the other churches in your city are bad? This also is not a good reason to plant a new church. To plant a church, you need to be a called man. Without the call of God on your life, you will fail at church planting. It needs to be deeper than “well, our city needs a good church.” Take some time to assess your calling. Submit yourself to your local church, and have them explore that calling along side of you. This leads to my next point.

Get Assessed

One of the greatest helps to me in my journey as a young church planter was submitting myself to being assessed by other men who are much wiser than me, and have done what I’m doing. As a Southern Baptist, I was assessed by my local church and denomination. I was also assessed by Acts 29 Network. The reason why I highly recommend this is because as a sinful man, you have blindspots. Sometimes church planters tend to think higher of ourselves than we ought, and this is a great way to be humbled and to get wise counsel. It’s always a good thing when you can sit in front of other men and be transparent.


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